8 February 2023

Open competition for co-financing of film projects in Gdynia

Autor: Natalia Spychalska

The Mayor of the City of Gdynia announced an open competition for the implementation of public tasks in the field of culture in 2023 – film projects – education and cultural projects.

The competition is organized on the basis of the Act of 24 April 2003 on public benefit activities and volunteer work (Polish Journal of Laws 2022.1327).

Strategic objectives of the competition, type of tasks:

Improving the quality of public space through activities integrating the local community, responding to its needs and enriching the cultural life of Gdynia – in the field of film.

Objective of the task:
Cultural revitalization of urban spaces defined in the project through activities adequate to the needs of local communities, engaging residents to regular and active participation in culture through activities in the field of film.

Desirable design features:
The prospect of active participation of residents in the implemented action.

Additional priority description:

  • events in the field of film culture (workshops, educational and social activities) aimed at building a local community by actively engaging and integrating residents (building a sense of belonging, co-responsibility and solidarity),
  • activities carried out taking into account the prospective activities of local culture animators and using the potential of amateur filmmakers,
  • joint projects, i.e. implemented in cooperation with local centres, e.g. marinas, libraries, artists, entrepreneurs, District Councils, housing associations, educational institutions (schools, kindergartens, nurseries), etc. with particular emphasis on activities in the areas of multi-family housing estates,
  • building the brand of Gdynia as a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of film.

The aim of the open competition is to support public tasks in the field of culture in accordance with the priorities described in the Program of cooperation between the City of Gdynia and non-governmental organizations.

Only film projects in the field of education and cultural projects may participate in the competition.

In addition, due to the fact that on September 6, 2021, the provisions of the Act of July 19, 2019 on ensuring accessibility for people with special needs (Polish Journal of Laws 2020, item 1062, as amended) entered into force – among others regulations from art. 4 sec. 3 and sec. 4 and art. 6 of this Act, which impose on the Contractor of a public task and on the person announcing the competition obligations related to ensuring accessibility to such people, when preparing an offer, these minimum requirements should be taken into account to ensure accessibility to people with special needs, described in art. 6 of the aforementioned act.

Amount of public funds allocated for the implementation of tasks:

To support the implementation of tasks in the field of culture in 2023, the City of Gdynia allocated PLN 200,000 (two hundred thousand zlotys) for film projects – education and cultural projects.

The amount of subsidy applied for may not exceed 30% of the pool of funds available in the competition, i.e. PLN 60,000.

Application deadline: February 20, 2023.

Contact: l.cichowski@gdynia.pl

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